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Submitted on
November 16, 2010


All you have to do is check bands that you enjoy.

[x] Breaking Benjamin
[ ] Paramore
[ ] The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
[x] Linkin Park
[ ] The Academy Is…
[ ] Coldplay
[ ] Three Days Grace
[ ] Yellowcard
[x] Lynyrd Skynyrd
[ ] 30 Seconds to Mars
[ ] Rise Against
[ ] Nirvana
[x] Korn
[x] Meshuggah
[x] Slipknot
[x] System of a Down
[x] Disturbed
[x] Fear Factory
[x] Mnemic
[x] God Dethroned
[x] GWAR
[x] Five Finger Death Punch
[x] Exodus
[x] Kataklysm
[x] Metallica
[x] Judas Priest
[x] Ozzy Osbourne
[x] Guns n' Roses
[x] Megadeth
[x] Demon Hunter
[x] Cannibal Corpse
[x] Pantera
[x] Lamb of God
[x] Children Of Bodom
[x] Hate Eternal
[x] Suffocation
[x] Slayer
[ ] Atreyu
[x] Killswitch Engage
[x] Six Feet Under
[x] Whitechapel
[x] Avenged Sevenfold
[ ] CKY
[ ] Taking Back Sunday
[ ] All American Rejects
[ ] Motion City Soundtrack
[ ] Angels and Airwaves
[x] Shinedown
[x] Evanescence
[x] Cold
[x] Dave Matthews Band
[ ] My Chemical Romance
[x] Rammstein
[ ] Drowning Pool
[ ] Green Day
[ ] Blink 182
[x] Red Hot Chili Peppers
[ ] The Beatles
[x] Led Zeppelin
[x] Rush
[x] Black Sabbath
[x] The Rolling Stones
[ ] The Who
[x] Pink Floyd
[x] Meat Loaf
[x] Deep Purple
[x] Def Leppard
[x] Twisted Sister
[x] Van Halen
[x] Scorpions
[x] Airbourne
[x] Eagles
[x] Queen
]x] Bon Jovi
[x] Boston
[x] Electric Light Orchestra
[x] Cinderella
[x] Foghat
[x] Genesis
[x] Yes
[x] ZZ Top
[x] Molly Hatchet
[x] Poison
[x] AC/DC
[x] Skid Row
[x] KISS
[x] Quiet Riot
[x] DIO
[x] Dokken
[x] Journey
[x] Aerosmith
[ ] Fleetwood Mac
[x] Tom Petty
[x] Motley Crue
[x] Iron Maiden
[ ] The Police

I know, I like a LOT of groups.
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: Meshuggah
  • Watching: viva la bam
  • Drinking: diet pepsi
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How about Auggie Doggie ate Fox?
LMAO you want it so bad I'll make it some time B-)
Ok, sorry about bothering you about it. -_-
pika13 Jun 23, 2011
hey i hav three vore requests:
ultimate humungousaur vore waybig
chaor vore any monster
torterra (on stomach) vore random pokemon
could u do that, just said it was requested by a friend, please? thanks
I'd go with Aerosmith
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